From the Puritans to the Digital Age
The most comprehensive web resource for Sacred Harp singing. Includes lists of local singings all over the country, lots of historical and cultural information, and all sorts of other information.
Warren Steel's Sacred Harp Pages
Immense amounts of all sorts of information on Sacred Harp, up to and including recipies for dinner on the grounds.
Sheet music and recordings of any song in the Sacred Harp
A website created by a group of Sacred Harp singers in Bremen, Germany. Contains sheet music and midi files of all the individual parts, plus all the parts together for any song in the Sacred Harp!
Online Concordance
Know one line of a song but not the rest? Looking for other words by your favorite author (Billings, Watts, ...)? Want to find other tunes with the same meter to set words to? The Online Concordance is the 1991 edition of the Sacred Harp, fully searchable by keyword, poet, composer, meter, title, first line, or page.
More Billlings and other tunes to try
Click here find links to more tunes by William Billings and other composers heretofore not available in shapenote notation in that format, available to download and print out. Check back from time to time as new tunes may be added. (The tunes on Google documents have been typeset by Ann Sleeva of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers.)
A Plea For Participation
An essay by Ginnie Ely specifically directed at those who are new to Sacred Harp; those whose family did not sing this music and have discovered it on their own.
Loud Hymns.Com
Photos and sounds of many conventions across the country, compiled and maintained by Tom Mitchell.
Shapenote History and Pictures
Ishmael the Fiddler has a very nice set of pages on shapenote history (although they warn of perpetual construction) and some nice examples of the development of the written music.
The Southern Harmony
The online index to The Southern Harmony, searchable by tune name or first line; also includes some scores and midi files.
Chicago Tribune Article
Before the 1999 Midwest Convention, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune printed this article.
Chicago Tribune Blog Post
And in 2008, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune had a blog post on the topic (be careful--his chicagoland information link is out of date)..