Try it; you'll like it.

David Wright of Seattle, Leading on Sunday

This website contains information about shape note (Sacred Harp) singing in Hyde Park and throughout the Chicagoland area.

Upcoming Singings:

(This area is for annual singings and special workshops and such. For our regular weekly and monthly singings, please click the Calendar of local singings link below.)

Fox Valley Folk Festival

All are invited to sing Sunday, September 4, at the Fox Valley Folk Festival, Island Park, Geneva, Illinois. We will sing in the semi-enclosed brick pavilion in the park by the river from 11 a.m.--11:45am, with recess until 12:45 pm, when singing will resume till 2 pm.

At some point there will be short introduction to fasola singing to facilitate participation by festival-goers.

The folk festival has a lot going on, including lots of music workshops, performances, and storytelling, so this is a good opportunity to bring friends and family. Admission is free, but your donations keep the festival going. There are food and other vendors. For a link to their website, see here

NOTE: If you can bring a light-weight chair, please do so. Last year the number of chairs available to us in the singing location was reduced due to budgetary constraints.

Bring loaner books!

Save the date! The Hyde Park All-Day Singing will be Saturday, Nov. 5th. Details to come.