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David Wright of Seattle, Leading on Sunday

This website contains information about shape note (Sacred Harp) singing in Hyde Park and throughout the Chicagoland area.

Upcoming Singings:

(This area is for the next annual singing and/or special workshops and such. For our regular weekly and monthly singings, please click the Calendar of local singings link below. For a list of all our annual singings, please click the Calendar of annual singings link below.)

3rd Annual Cooper Book Singing

now the Ann Sleeva Memorial Singing

Please join us! We will sing from the 2012 Cooper edition of the Sacred Harp

August 11, 2018 10:30 am to 3:30 pm with dinner on the grounds at 12:30 pm

Wilson Abbey, 935 W. Wilson, Chicago (enter through Everybody's Coffee)

Contact: Virginia Landgraf, or leave a message on Facebook at Chicago Sacred Harp Singing